Workplace Covid Security

With over 40-years’ experience in the implementation of fume extraction and air movement systems, Western Air Ducts are specialists in industrial and commercial workspace air quality solutions. This means we are ideally placed to work with you to implement Covid security improvements through the control of air movement and circulation within your space.

As part of this process we would familiarise ourselves with the areas where you wish to implement enhanced air movement control, establish current air movement systems in place and develop solutions to minimise the circulation of air within that space to ensure that any contaminants present take the shortest practicable route from emission to extraction.

We are then able to provide a turnkey solution from initial design to final installation and testing using visual testing methods (such as smoke release) to demonstrate air movement patterns before and after as evidence that you are taking all practicable measures to ensure Covid security within the workplace.

For further information and to arrange a visit either email: or call: 01761 416700.

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