LEV LOG® is now live!

Western Air Ducts (UK) Ltd. are proud to announce the development and release of LEVLog®, a standalone resource for the upload and storage of COSHH LEV Inspection Reports with the capability to provide a dashboard for those responsible for these systems to view their current status and automated reminders for when tests are coming due.

HSE Guidance HSG258 stipulates that LEV systems must undergo a “detailed and systematic examination sufficient to make sure that the LEV can continue to perform as intended by design and will contribute to the adequate control of exposure.” and that “The maximum time between tests of LEV systems is set down in COSHH and for most systems this is 14 months (see the exceptions in Table 18). If wear and tear on the LEV system is liable to mean that the system effectiveness will degrade between tests then thorough examinations and tests should be more frequent.”

Having undertaken these inspections it is a requirement that “The employer should keep the examination and test report for at least five years. A copy should be available at the workplace containing the LEV system.”

This is what LEVLog® is for, it provides a secure repository for your COSHH LEV Inspection Reports meaning that they are accessible to the authorised user any time, any place and by providing automated reminders for when testing is becoming due you can be sure that these important inspections are not forgotten.

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