Aerospace Composite Dust Extract

We are very proud to have recently completed and commissioned a new dust extraction system to serve a large CNC router machining composite materials for the aerospace sector.

Our brief was to provide a suitable cost efficient dust extraction system designed to contain dust emissions from the new router within the router enclosure to avoid contamination of the new production facility.

Our specialist consultants proposed installing two Inteliair® I8 dust filtration units each designed to extract 9800m³/hr. thereby giving a combined extract volume from the enclosed area of 19,600m³/hr. By providing extraction from each side of the CNC enclosure at low level, filtering via the aforementioned filtration units and then returning the filtered air at high level along each side of the CNC enclosure we are able to provide an ‘air curtain’ effect across the top thereby preventing dust from escaping as well as continuously cleaning the air within.

With an internal volume of approximately 390m³ within the CNC enclosure the system installed is generating an air change rate of in excess of 50 air changes per hour which is not only ensuring that dust does not escape into the general production area but is also minimising airborne dust levels within the enclosure itself thereby providing an optimal working environment for the equipment in operation.

This project was an vital one for the client which we completed efficiently and effectively. The design, supply and installation was delivered in a Covid-19 secure manner during lockdown.

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Dust Extraction
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